Wednesday 8 April 2020
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Canceled Or Postponed Matches In Sport Betting

Due to some circumstances, a game may be canceled, interrupted, or postponed. This situation, made official by an arbitration decision or by the actor overseeing the event, has repercussions in a mess, especially in terms of sports betting.

So how does such a decision influence the outcome of your bet? What are the circumstances that allow the arbitrators to do this? How do bookmakers react?

Whether at the level of an individual sport or a collective sport, there are several causes that make a match that may be canceled or postponed.

Before enumerating the potential scenarios, we can already indicate that unlike collective 먹튀플러스 sports, individual sports rest on the good form of a single actor: thus, the injury of a player (in tennis by example) irreparably leads to the cancellation of the match, the match cannot be contested.

There are many and varied reasons for team sports:

Match Postponed Or Canceled Before The Match: here, it is often the weather that plays the role of disruptor. In the event of torrential rain or even heavy snowfall, the match can potentially be canceled before being postponed. It is the intensity of the bad weather that will condition the referee’s decision. Other cases may lead to the cancellation of a match, in particular when the physical integrity of the players is not fully guaranteed.

Game Canceled Or Postponed During The Match: a supporter who enters the field, an animal that sneaks on the green carpet, severe and unpredictable weather, etc. There are countless cases that can cause an arbitrator to stop the game. The latter has 45 minutes to make a decision. If nothing gets better during this time, the match will be canceled/postponed.