Saturday 6 June 2020
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Great Perfections for the Judi Online Games Now

This “guide” is for players who want to become poker professionals, who have the main job, but they are serious about poker. The decision to quit your job and make a living by poker is individual for each and depends on many circumstances, so wecannot give any advice that influences your decision. But I can share a few tips on how to balance my main job and playing poker. Each expert has played poker for over a year, working 9-10 hours a day, attending the gym, conducting an active social life and doing housework. It gets difficult, but they firmly believe that nothing is impossible when you are doing what you love.

Learn, learn and learn again

When you work all day, there is not much time for judi online. The main mistake is that many people devote more time to the game than the learning process. But the truth is that if you do not spend enough time analyzing your hands, watching training videos and analyzing complex situations, you will never reach the level that will allow you to earn enough profit to make poker your main source of income.


Make sure that you understand the essence of varianceand do not get upset because of short-term unsuccessful results. If you work all day, it is almost impossible to win a decent amount of hands, and a small sample is not a good indicator for assessing your real winrate. If you win back the hands of all 30-40K per month, it is quite normal, if you will be months without profit or with a small drawdown bankroll. Always try to see a more global picture.

 Do not play tired

When you play in microlights, each session should be educational in nature. But you will not learn anything if you play mindlessly like a robot after a hard day’s work; You will even be lucky if you do not lose a few buy-ins., taking careless decisions. If you are tired, it is better to sleep a little instead of immediately sitting at the table, and after rest you can start playing.

Get a support group

Many people believe that playing online poker is a lonely affair. But for the experts it was an opportunity to meet with amazing people, without whom they would never have achieved absolutely anything. During a poker career, sometimes you will tilt, doubt your own strengths and need the advice of more experienced players, so I strongly recommend participating in the life of poker forums or creating a common chat with Skype in a like-minded person.

Have a hobby

Preferably one that allows you to stay away from the computer, for example, sports, drawing, baking, learning new languages ​​or something else, to which you have the most soul. Judi onlineis great, but do not sacrifice your favorite activities for the sake of additional grind, otherwise there will be a feeling that you have two jobs and you will burn out. Enjoy your free time, you deserve it!