Monday 8 March 2021
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Start Winning Today

With the increase in the number of online players, there’ also been a simultaneous increase in the websites or apps which provide such services to meet the need if keeping customers satisfied and making a profit at the same time. Free online casino chips are one of the easiest ways to keep customers intrigued and coming back to the gaming portal, one of the quickest ways for online casinos to do this is through using the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to provide, registration bonuses to a new joinee or other related rewards in terms of playing bonus, as you keep playing.

There are a lot of ways in which you can avail the awards from free online casino chips and although the popularity of bitcoin has increased immensely in the past decade…there are other cryptocurrencies involved as well. It depends on the casino sites and thus it is fruitful to know the different options available out there.

Sites offering free bonuses

  • Australia Mars Casino is a pretty famous online gaming platform for casino games and it also offers up to 2 bitcoins as well as 50 free spins when you register with them.
  • 7Bit Casino trumps the casino listed above as it provides a more tempting offer to the newly registered members. Their welcome gift includes up to 4.5 bitcoins and an additional 100 spins to get you started on your winning journey to much more. We all like free stuff yea? And it seems like the online casinos are well aware of this as well.
  • Bitstarz is a popular gambling site famous for its high joining rewards which include a package of up to 5 bitcoins or 10,000 Australian dollars plus 200 additional free spins. To be honest, I don’t see it getting any better than this.