Thursday 15 April 2021
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5 Tips to make easy money during Coronavirus Quarantine

When the Coronavirus pandemic has shattered the world economy, many unfortunate people are wondering how to run their livelihood properly with the sudden termination from job or for going out of business for an indefinite time- they are in search of lucrative money making options while at home. Besides freelancing, online tutoring, online bookkeeping services, blogging, etc. you can think of online gambling. Opt for sports gambling if you’re really well-informed about any sport such as soccer or cricket. Choose a reliable online sport agent offering a reliable bandar bola online for the live sport betting to win real money. 

Here, let’s explore top 5 tips to make easy money during the Coronavirus quarantine

Sports gambling

 Select the top ranking website on the search engine an register there for betting on live sports. If soccer is your favorite, do your best in punting for the live bets online. The winning money can be withdrawn by you anytime you want. Start with lower stakes and follow a self-disciplinary regime so that you don’t get carried away. 

Online gambling 

Online gambling is the new talk of the town when people are mostly staying home during the pandemic outbreak. Register at a renowned online casino for betting on your known slot game or poker games that you know really well.


Though the normal flow of freelancers have dried out, you can try your luck to earn by doing freelancing work such as online marketing, web designing, blogging etc.

Online tutoring 

If you have teaching abilities or a trained tutor, teach students online. Suddenly, the online tutoring marketing is expanding with the growing demand of online tutors with real experience.


You can work as an influencer and start vlogging at YouTube and on social media and inspire people with your skills. With the growing traffic, you can earn a handsome amount from the advertisements.