Thursday 15 April 2021
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Easy Opportunities for Right Sort of Sports Betting

Are you short of strategies to increase your profits on Swiss sports betting sites? We fly to your rescue, betting friends, by offering you a strategy that could allow you to make your bets profitable: the value bet. By adopting this strategy, you will be able to beat the bookmaker and profit from your good decisions and your flair. So, what is the principle of this strategy, how to identify value bet situations? Here are all our good tips to soak up this strategy and take you off to many victories on Swiss sports betting sites.

What is the value bet?

Many experts and bettors tend to associate the effectiveness of valuebet with that of surebet, which we told you about previously. However, if these two strategies were the same, we wouldn’t tell you. So, back to our subject, this is the value bet strategy. The element that is at the center of the very principle of the value bet is the probability of the outcome of the sporting match on which you intend to bet. Indeed, in order to establish their odds, bookmakers must determine the probability of a result. 

If the sports betting site judges the probability of an outcome to be high, then you will inherit low odds and if the likelihood of another outcome is low, it will determine higher odds. The aim of the valuebet strategy will therefore be to bet on the probability of a result which would have been underestimated by the bookmaker. The game judi casino online terbaik  is the perfect option here.

Identify valuebet situations

With the valuebet, you are the undisputed master of your destiny. Indeed, everything is based on your estimate of the probability of the occurrence of a result that the bookmaker would have according to you, and according to your research, underestimated. To validate your intuition, we suggest you perform the following calculation: 1 / the proposed odds.

In the Event of the Outcome

If the outcome is less than the probability of occurrence that you attribute to the outcome, then you will be able to start betting. Still a little fuzzy for you? So let’s take a concrete example, let’s say that for a tennis match poster between Djokovic and Murray, Djokovic’s victory has an odds of 1.3 and Murray’s victory is at 2.5.You think Djokovic has over 80% chance of winning, while bookmaker sites only give him a 76% chance of winning.

  • Calculation 1: 1 / the odds, ie 1 / 1.3 = 76.9%
  • Calculation 2: 1 / the percentage you estimate, or 1/80% = 1.25

The odds of Djokovic coming out the winner are grossly underestimated by the online bookmaker, because following your flair, the odds for Djokovic should be 1.25 rather than 1.3. Betting on this meeting will be a value bet for you.