Tuesday 18 May 2021
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 The Do’s and Don’ts of Poker That You Must Be aware of

Don’t hide your cards and chips your cards and poker chips should be visible to all players at the table at all times. Each player has the right to know if you are still in the game and how many chips you have in your stack.

Don’t show the cards you fold while you’re still playing you may want to brag about how strong a poker hand you’ve been able to fold, but if there are other players in the game, it’s absolutely unacceptable. By revealing your cards during a hand, you can absolutely inadmissibly affect the rest of the game. At the poker table, fold your cards in such a way as to prevent them from being accidentally turned over or shown to any of the players.

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Never speak during a game you are not participating in

You will avoid telling other players in the game what cards you discarded. This can greatly affect the current game of poker and damage a player. A typical example is when you fold two completely hopeless cards in a idnpoker and find that you have a very strong hand on the flop. Hold back your emotions and suppress your inner urge to tell other players at the table that you would just hit a full house.

Live poker players often talk during the game and try to “pick up” what their opponent may have. But without exception, these are players who are still in the game and you will never hear them talk about what cards they made during a poker hand.

Wait until it’s your turn

Always wait for your action when it’s your turn during the game. Many less experienced players in live poker make the mistake of “overtaking” the action, whether out of inattention or anticipation.

Remember that early action at the table (call, bet, raise, fold, etc.) can give other players unauthorized information at the agen poker\ table. Despite the fact that most often the most damaged is the sinner himself, it can also affect the game of others. It is also inappropriate to leave the table before it is your turn after looking at the cards and finding that you will not participate in the game in this round.

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String bet

This is a very common mistake of players starting to play live poker. String bet is a term in poker used for a bet (or raise) in which a player does not put all the chips into the pot at once. A typical example is the film: “I’m calling 100,000 (after a dramatic pause) and raising 500,000.” If you try something similar at a poker table in a casino, the result will be a simple call. All chips for a given action must be placed in the pot at once. Alternatively, he must clearly and clearly announce his action (increasing to 500,000) and then insert (calmly gradually) chips into the sweat. Each player is entitled to only one action at a time, and this rule serves to avoid misunderstandings as well as unethical behavior when the player first calls an opponent’s bet and monitors how it affects him.